Top 5 East Anglia Monitor Farm meetings to attend this winter

With drilling done and spraying up-to-date, thoughts and time can now turn towards technical, business and professional development for your farm business. Attending a Monitor Farm meeting, is a great way to do this and we have a range of Monitor Farm meetings coming up in East Anglia over the winter months to satisfy all tastes….

  1. Your farm business – fit for the future? Dereham Monitor Farm, Tuesday 19 December 2017

This AHDB Monitor Farm meeting will be focussed on developing farm business skills for more effective farm business and staff management. The first session, led by Jack Watts of AHDB, will look at the tools needed for effective business management, the objectives and strategy that each business should have and the five pillars of business management, to include benchmarking, strategic meetings, aims and objectives of the business and a long term business strategy.

Philip Dolbear of AHDB will then take an in-depth look at farm business accounts and reporting, how businesses are assessed when borrowing, and at balance sheets, proportional analysis and cash analysis.

This meeting will aim to ensure that the attendees have the tools to review, analyse and develop their farm business to ensure it is resilient for the future – an essential meeting to attend for any farm business.

  1. Maximising your yield potential. Chelmsford Monitor Farm, Friday 12 January 2018

This meeting will be looking at how to best maximise yield potential. We will be exploring the principles of light and water capture through the Yield Enhancement Network, before learning how one farmer has used these techniques along with pesticide inputs, sprayer efficacy and nutrition to push his yield. The group will then debate the best field to put forward for this year’s YEN entry and look at the PPP applications, fertiliser or wider field considerations to raise the yield. Attendees at this meeting will also look at how best to use least productive land around the farm and options for entry into Countryside Stewardship.

  1. Enhancing your soil health and soil biology. Dereham Monitor Farm, Tuesday 16 January 2018

This meeting will focus on improving soil health and soil biology. Farmer and soil award winner Clive Bailye will be joining the group to share his experiences of soil improvements through a variety of methods, to include direct drilling, cover cropping, organic manure additions, machinery use and the impact that has had on his costings.

Matthew Shepherd from Natural England will then talk through the nature of soil biology, the impact of use of fungicides and insecticides and how to recognise and enhance soil biology. There will then be a practical session to look at what you can find in the soil through a microscope, a discussion on soil structure and a look at effective soil nutrition.

  1. Profitable break crops. Chelmsford Monitor Farm, Friday 9 February 2018

This Monitor Farm meeting is about learning from other farmers’ experiences, including Andrew Fairs, Fairking Ltd and Mark Bowsher-Gibbs, GH Dean, and exploring the most profitable break crops to use in a rotation.

Soya, borage, phacelia, millet, oats and more will be looked at and discussed through the meeting; exploring their agronomic needs, financial margins, soil and growing conditions, harvest requirements and more will be looked at in-depth from those with growing experience. Looking to plan your spring cropping or rotations for the coming harvest year? This meeting is for you.



  1. Fungicide efficacy, resistance and micronutrients. Dereham Monitor Farm, Tuesday 20 February 2018

This AHDB Monitor Farm meeting will focus on fungicides, ready for the season ahead. Expert, Jonathan Blake, ADAS, will talk through the latest research on fungicide efficacy, current performance and resistance for wheat and barley. The group will then plan a fungicide programme for the year, using scenarios including varieties and susceptibility ratings. John Purslow will then talk through the group his findings from his research on micronutrients and the fungicidal effects that they might have and the benefits of tissue testing.

Sound interesting? Please come along and get involved. Get in touch with Teresa Meadows, AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager for East Anglia to book your place – or 07387 015465 or visit our website to find out more:

Teresa Meadows

Teresa Meadows

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