Sustainable broad-leaved weed management

Sustainable broad-leaved weed management is very important to get right on-farm to ensure good weed control, both now and into the future.  Cultural control is not an effective option against many broad-leaved weeds and therefore, effective use and retention of the chemistry that we currently have is extremely important.

This video explains the principles of broad-leaved weed management and the current options and products available, along with best application practice and product stewardship:

Keep in mind the best practice for broad-leaved weed control:

  • Monitor your field for weeds and know your spectrum
  • Use alternative, effective modes of action
  • Apply products when weeds are small and actively growing
  • Use products in the appropriate conditions for effective control
  • Pay attention to application and rate

With thanks to John Cussans, NIAB, Steve Cramwell, DuPont, Stuart Jackson, Dow AgroSciences and Iain Ford, BASF.


Teresa Meadows

Teresa Meadows

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