Our farm in Fawley

I farm 1,000ha owned by the Clay family.  The arable crops here consist of first wheat with break crops of peas, oats and oilseed rape. We also have 250 cattle to graze the land we can’t plough and a 7,000 tonne commercial grain store.

Feed Wheat Storage At Fawley Monitor Farm (small)

Our grain storage

We’ve got high level schemes here based around wild birds, soil run-off and general resource protection.

On the whole our soils are Ross Series loams, with some clay loams towards Ledbury.  Second wheat doesn’t really suit us here, so we concentrate on first wheat.  On the whole we grow feed wheat because the feed market around here is king, although we do also do one or two seed contracts a year to help spread the risk.

In addition to that, we grow miconising peas, OSR, which goes up to Liverpool; and oats, which usually go to Morning Food, although last year we sold them in to feed market.

Marketing of crops is done on a risk management basis, to try and achieve the best average price.  First I work out our cost of production.  Once this is met I look to start selling: I aim to sell quarter when the forward markets open, a further quarter when we have confirmed acreages and we are planting, a further quarter is sold when we the crop is growing and is looking well. The final portion is sold once the grain is in the shed and the exact quantities are known.

Everybody here is looking forward to the opening meeting on 3 July.  If you are interested in attending, please email our Regional Manager, Richard Laverick.



Mark Wood is a farm manager in Fawley, half way between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye. The farm is 250ha owned, 250ha rented and 500ha contract-farmed. Mark has three full time staff, and is a member of the Rosemaund Farmers Association. The issues Mark and the farm are facing include precision farming, staff succession and achieving consistent yields under variable conditions. Mark has hosted trial work for other organisations in the past.