OSR ‘bubbling’ through the murk

After a thoroughly cold and wet day out in Lincolnshire yesterday, I’m glad, for once, to be back in the office.

We visited a site with rafts of light leaf spot, symptoms of which were visible in the treated and untreated plots and across the varieties. Because of the rain, it was difficult to see the characteristic white spotting of spores, but more cryptic symptoms such as curling and ‘bubbling’ of the leaves was obvious.


However, if the purported temperatures of 20°C are reached next week, this will slow development of the disease.

Other observations included pollen beetle (albeit cold looking), and this rotting/abortion of flower buds:

Any ideas on the cause are welcome! Perhaps frost?

Other than that, the clocks are ticking and disease and growth stages are progressing, while we’re just waiting for the ground to dry out. T0s may be missed, fertiliser will go on late, and spring crops will be late drilled: we will have to wait and what the consequences of this atrocious weather will be. I’ve got a bet on a crop of OSR being harvested on 24/7/18, so something better change soon!

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Catherine Garman

Catherine Garman

Catherine is Crop Health & Protection Scientist (Diseases) at AHDB

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