June 2016 update from Driffield Monitor Farm

We are currently getting the farm ready for our open day,and trying to get around all the fields pulling black-grass and spraying off any big patches with glyphosate.

I am looking forward to having Karl Ritz on the farm to explain more about soil biology and comment on our soil health. These types of visits have been very helpful in our journey as monitor farmers as you get a specialist to inspect what you are doing and explain what improvements you can make for our benefit and everyone at the meeting.

The direct drilling we tried into our cover crop trials has established very well. This is the sort of thing we have been able to try on our own land with the support of AHDB, and seeds and machinery suppliers. This helps get a real feel for what can work in our area rather than just reading about it in the farming press.

I will say more in my summing up on the year at our meeting on Thursday.



Philip Meadley farms 250ha near Driffield, approximately four miles from the North Sea coast. In a four-way family partnership, he grows milling wheat, oilseed rape, peas and barley. Phil is particularly interested in soil health, reducing fuel usage, addressing mycotoxins and looking at his whole approach to cultivations. http://cereals.ahdb.org.uk/driffield

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