Harvest time at Louth

Officially June and July are the wind down to harvest; however they always seem to be the busiest time of the year with all those little jobs that have been put off needing to be done before harvest. Tractors, quadtracs, cultivators and soon trailers will have and will be going through the workshop to check they are ready for the approaching campaign.

Louth Trailer

Spraying for this year is nearly complete with only a few hectares of beans to cover for bruchid beetle and then OSR desiccation before it will be parked up for a few weeks until pre-ems start again.

Silage is completed for the suckler herd, with plenty stacked up to help us through the winter. Cutting and carting is proving useful for establishing new margins and pollen and nectar plots.

Louth Baling

An on-going job at the moment taking anyone we can spare is muck-carting. We have a straw for muck deal with a neighbouring farmer. He takes the straw and returns the muck after his cattle have trampled on it and he has put it through a straw chopper and added extra nutrients. So far we have imported 5,000 tonnes and this will be spread onto a range of stubbles in addition to the muck from our own crew yards.

A few harvest pictures:

Louth Harvest 1

Louth Harvest 4

Louth Harvest 3