Harvest 2015 slowly approaching

Harvest is slowly approaching. We‘re fitting the roller door on our new grain store, and the electrician is coming this afternoon to sort out the starter on our top conveyor, as it would not start when I checked it on Tuesday.

The Glacier winter barley is coming slowly. The lowest moisture content I could find yesterday was 18.1 from a sandy patch on the headland where it had less nitrogen on the edge, but the rest of the field is 14 days away at least. I will definitely be at the Driffield show this year as the rape is also quite a way off harvest. We had a look at it yesterday and it was still too far off to give a timing for glyphosate on the headlands.

Adrian is working with our self-employed farm fitter, rebuilding the fan unit which we have stripped down to replace the head gasket and front crankshaft seal ready for harvest.

We’ve also updated the combine yield monitor software, so as you can see we are starting to get ready for harvest 2015!

I hope everyone has a good harvest with little drying and good yields. I am just sorry I cannot improve the price!



Philip Meadley farms 250ha near Driffield, approximately four miles from the North Sea coast. In a four-way family partnership, he grows milling wheat, oilseed rape, peas and barley. Phil is particularly interested in soil health, reducing fuel usage, addressing mycotoxins and looking at his whole approach to cultivations. http://cereals.ahdb.org.uk/driffield