Harvest 2014 at Driffield

It’s Wednesday, 6 August at 5:30 p.m and I have just finished my evening meal as we are rained off with the combining.

Winter barley Glacier and oilseed rape Quartz have all been harvested and dried now. The barley was very pleasing at around 4 tonnes per acre even though we did cut a few heads off as the crop had started to brackle before the grain was dry.

Winter Barley Before Harvest

Our winter barley before harvest began.

The rape seed was dull and smaller than usual but still managed to yield over 1.5 tonnes to the acre after a long wait as we only sprayed off 20 acres out of 90 with glyphosate. The spray saved us two days but it does make it more difficult to combine the tramlines.

The weather has been very helpful, although I did have a bit of stress on Sunday as we had decided to leave the last 10 acres to dry a little more and we got some quite strong winds that afternoon, but thankfully we do not look to have lost any seed.The crop does seem less brittle when it has not been desiccated.

Land work is going well. Both rape stubbles are ready to drill – one has just been Sumo Trioed,  and the other, which was desiccated due to cleavers, was disced first then followed with the Sumo after the first chit of rape. The soil is in really good heart after till-seeding the rape last year.

We have had this field soil tested by Soil Essentials to have a look at GPS soil sampling, so we’re now waiting for the results and maps… more of this later as I start to get my head round precision applications.

Wheat will be ready for harvest as soon as it dries, so we have been building some grain walling to segregate crops in one of the on-floor stores, as previously we used sheets and sand bags etc, all with their problems. It was a wet day today, so Ade rebuilt the feet on the Trio while I got welding some old angle irons together to make the frames for the grain walling, which we will put plywood on in the morning.

Last Of 2013 Wheat

The last load of our 2013 wheat.



Philip Meadley farms 250ha near Driffield, approximately four miles from the North Sea coast. In a four-way family partnership, he grows milling wheat, oilseed rape, peas and barley. Phil is particularly interested in soil health, reducing fuel usage, addressing mycotoxins and looking at his whole approach to cultivations. http://cereals.ahdb.org.uk/driffield