Frosts, flowers and fungicides: Inspections of OSR trials

Inspections of Recommended List OSR trials have begun. Yesterday, I went out to sites in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.

OSR is starting to extend and the vigour differences between varieties at this time of year are becoming apparent. The most forward are thigh height, while the semi-dwarf varieties are still bunches on the ground. Most, however, have well-formed buds and it won’t be long before the furthest on are flowering.

There were also stark differences in frost damage between varieties, although seeing them on one day gives just a snapshot of this problem, and the varieties most damaged would likely be different if seen last week or next week.

Very little light leaf spot was visible, even in the untreated trial in Warwickshire. A little was found in the most susceptible untreated varieties and leaves from these are now being incubated to confirm.

The worry now is that warm weather will cause crops to rush through the growth stages, giving weak straw and increasing the likelihood of lodging. If you are spraying for light leaf spot, consider using a fungicide with PGR effect, such as tebuconazole, on the most forward crops.

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Catherine Garman

Catherine Garman

Catherine is Crop Health & Protection Scientist (Diseases) at AHDB

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