A new Regional Manager for the South East

Paul Hill

Having recently been fortunate enough to join the Cereals and Oilseeds team as the Regional Manager for the South East, I thought my first article should concentrate on what AHDB is presently doing within these regions and then look at what AHDB will be aiming to achieve here in the near future.  My role sees me covering the counties of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, East and West Sussex and Kent.

Obviously, my initial objective will be to build on the great work already achieved by Tim and Philip.  Supporting the two well-established Monitor Farms at Wantage and Winchester will be a crucial part of my role, in order to ensure their continued success and the topics that these groups want to explore can be covered methodically.  Along with this, the establishment of a new Monitor Farm in Kent is exciting, allowing farmers and growers within this region to explore and discuss together opportunities that may go to increasing the profitability of their operation, as well as a chance to meet and make new friends and acquaintances.

With this in mind, over the next few weeks I will be visiting the farms that have indicated that they would like to be the host Monitor Farm within Kent.  I am very confident that by June AHDB will be in a position to announce the nominated farm within Kent, with an initial meeting date being published soon after. As the Monitor Farm meetings are free and open to anyone within farming or related industries, why not come along and see what opportunities are available?

Another part of my work will be to support existing Arable Business Groups (ABGs).  These are groups of farmers who are interested in analysing every financial aspect of their farming business in order to ascertain aspects that could possibly be improved. The data collated within these groups is confidential to the group and, with AHDB’s assistance, each member can benchmark their figures against the regional average for that particular area.  As I believe financial analysis is an extremely crucial part of successful farming business, I am keen to help any interested farmers to form a group within my region.  There should soon be at least one new ABG in Kent – please get in touch if you feel you and your neighbouring farmers could benefit from forming another new group.

As for other personal goals, I would like to develop stronger links with regional agricultural training establishments in order to ensure the next generation of farmers know how AHDB can assist them during their careers within the industry. After all, they will be responsible for the future prosperity of the British agricultural industry.