Improving through benchmarking

We (Andy – my manager and I) were both thinking that the farm had been static for the last five to ten  years, certainly in terms of yields, and thought the Monitor Farm scheme would be ideal opportunity to test ourselves and benefit from others’ input.

We want to look at a variety of topics throughout the programme, from improving our farm information, developing precision farming to include N as well as P and K; succession planning; and yields and quality.

We’re getting to grips with our costs of production at the moment. We have data for 2013 but it’s pretty inaccurate, so we’re working hard to get our data correct for this year. Through benchmarking I hope we’ll find areas where we can improve, and hopefully we won’t find that we’re the most profitable farm!



Ian Cammack together with his foreman Andy Bason runs a 722 ha arable farm on chalk downland near Winchester. The farm has 550 ha of combinable crops – wheat, barley, oilseed rape and beans, as well as keeping 70 breeding ewes producing Hampshire Downs cross lambs to sell to a local butcher. The farm receives rental income from ex dairy and piggery buildings converted to offices, a gym, storage and workshops. With woodchip boilers recently installed, Ian will soon be doing more woodland management than before. Off-farm work includes agricultural and non-agricultural maintenance.