As winter springs to summer, the farming catch-up commences…

At last, summer! (Spring seems to have been missed out). Farmers are out left, right, and centre getting on with work, much of which is around a month late.

Yesterday, I took a look at some Northamptonshire crops of Graham, Costello, and Skyfall. They all had low to moderate levels of septoria visible, with only a few leaf 5s showing visible symptoms. No other diseases were obvious.

The Graham was having its second fertiliser application of sulphur + nitrogen, after its first nitrogen application 4 weeks ago, and was looking well.

It missed out on its T0 because of ground conditions, so they will be going straight in with a T1 next week, with leaf 3 currently about 1/3 emerged.

 Graham: leaf 3, leaf 2, flag leaf, ear.

Despite differences in vigour, all the varieties were at around the same stage in terms of leaf emergence.

 Skyfall: leaf 3, leaf 2, flag leaf, ear.

As an aside, you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve got my spring drilling up to date down at the allotment, with crops of spring wheat (Hexham), spring barley (Laureate), and spring oats (Conway) all drilled up. We’ll see how they do next to the leeks and Brussels sprouts!

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Catherine Garman

Catherine Garman

Catherine is Crop Health & Protection Scientist (Diseases) at AHDB

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