Spring is in the air (and that’s not the only thing)

Well, the sun is out and it’s feeling a bit more like spring. Until the weekend, that is. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the land is travelable again.

This week, we’ve monitored the progress of several of our research projects, mainly on pesticide resistance and disease monitoring. The presentations highlighted the fragility of some of our current agricultural systems and tools. But the results are helping us to preempt issues such as glyphosate resistance in weeds and further declines in fungicide efficacy.


The technology coming through on the disease monitoring side is particularly exciting, with spore traps (pictured) soon able to send a text to farmers to alert them of what’s in the air. This, coupled with knowledge of infection-risk factors, such as weather and crop growth stage, could help improve crop management strategies.


Pre-work activities have been much more endearing, helping with morning feeding of ewes and lambs at Greatworth Hall Farm in Northamptonshire. This is a mixed farm with an education centre to help teach the public and school groups about agriculture. They have a lambing open day on 24th March if you’re interested!

I’ll be going out crop walking next week so should have more to report, and hopefully not just massive clods for wellies.

Catherine Garman

Catherine Garman

Catherine is Crop Health & Protection Scientist (Diseases) at AHDB

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