Final blog from Louth

We have managed to have a good run with spraying, catching up on most jobs, winter barley has had its first fungicide, all our Atlantis is now on and hopefully working well, and we are just waiting now for the T0 on the wheats. When not busy spraying, both sprayers are out with fertiliser, backed up by our mounted disc spreader.

We are currently halfway through our 800ha spring drilling programme, getting both beans and barley into the ground with a mix of drills. We have had a demo of a direct drill, so have had the new experience of using a solely disc drill into both cover crops and lightly worked land. So far seedbeds have been good, much better than last year, so lessons have been learned!

The Monitor Farm programme has helped us in many ways. When we set out three years ago we were just making forays into strip tillage and apart from what we could glean from others had a lot to learn. The programme brought us into contact with lots of other like-minded people that we wouldn’t have met otherwise and has helped us get the new system up and running. It has been good at challenging us and making us justify a whole new system, despite lots of scepticism. It has been a rewarding experience and one we would recommend.

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